Sabrina Roberts

“I got my first German Shepherd from Megan two years ago, and ever since then I refuse to get shepherds from any other breeder. I’ve had shepherds that were from local breeders and imported from other countries, and as a dog trainer I have very high expectations for my dogs. Megan’s dogs always exceed them. I recommend her to friends, family, clients, and anyone I happen to meet who wants a well bred German Shepherd. My all time favorite, most cherished dog was bred by Megan and is amazing. Her temperament, appearance, workability, and health are better than I could’ve ever imagined. Genetics play a huge role in a dogs temperament, and I am big on getting dogs from breeders who know their stock and what they produce. Every single time I’ve contacted her about a dog whether for myself or someone else, she’s been extremely pleasant to work with and so helpful. She truly is a breeder who cares for and improves the breed. I find many people I meet fall in love with a breed and continue to get dogs from the same breeder continuously, and I’m happy to say Megan is that breeder for me.”

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