Puppy Questions

I tried to sort some of the FAQ’s into categories for ease of finding what you’re looking for; these are just some questions that pertain to getting a new puppy. If you have a question you can’t find the answer to check the FAQ page for all the questions or please don’t hesitate to text, email or call!


Q: What do your dogs cost?

A: Puppies are priced between $1800-$2500 depending on the litter. There’s no change in cost for males vs females or different colors. Occasionally I will have reduced price puppies who may have a slight breeding fault that won’t affect their health and quality of life. Older dog’s price depends on age, training, pedigree, etc. They typically start around $3000 and go up from there.


Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes! I ship nationwide, and even to most rabies-free foreign countries. The cost for shipping is $400-$700 depending on the size/weight of the puppy or dog. It can be done by air or I have several reputable ground transportation companies I work with.


Q: Is a German Shepherd right for me?

A: German Shepherds are truly amazing animals. However, they’re not for everyone. They’re incredibly intelligent, loving, active dogs who need mental stimulation, exercise and interaction with their human(s). They can often be “one person” dogs who pick their person and ignore all other people. If that’s going to be a major problem for other family members if it happens, the breed may not be for you. If you can’t devote a few minutes EVERYday to working with your dog and an hour or so of exercise a day, a German Shepherd probably isn’t for you. German Shepherds shed. A lot. They also “blow their coat” or molt (lose their entire coat) twice a year. If you’re opposed to dog hair or lots of vacuuming, a GSD isn’t for you. You must also be smarter than the animal you’re trying to train and have a lot patience, so if that’s not the case then a GSD isn’t for you.


Q: Do you sell to pet homes, or only to working homes?

A: I absolutely sell to pet homes with new owners who are dedicated to providing a stimulating home for their pup. Sure, they can be rambunctious but working-line German Shepherds can make great pets given the right management, training and interaction. Most dogs, especially those bred for a purpose do not do well just thrown in a back yard and ignored; they will typically start looking for a job to do and that job isn’t often one that us humans appreciate…tearing things up, starting their own excavation crew or making excessive noise. All these things can be remedied managing your dog’s life. This includes preventing them from making mistakes as well as exercising, interacting with your dog and giving them mental stimulation on a daily basis – do a little training, even if its 10 minutes a day! They don’t have to be in a hard core training program, but they do need to be doing SOMETHING. It’s our jobs as humans with our big brains and thumbs to manage our dog’s environment – if he chews up our shoes we should blame ourselves for allowing the two to come into contact. It also helps to foster a much better relationship with your dog and makes everyone’s life easier to take simple precautionary measures like just crate training your dog and preventing them from making mistake, rather than constantly being mad at your dog for chewing things up or have an accident in the house (ie. acting LIKE A DOG).


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