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Z Litter

Cerberus aus dem Tal, IGP2 x G Fergie z Lomeckeho polesi, IPO3 Update: 1 female born 12/31/2019. This litter is […]

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X Litter

Born 08/12/2019, 2 females and 4 males. Update: All sold! A super combination of two great dogs; a line-breeding on Pixa (owned by Randy Tyson-Witmer) - maybe the best female I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My training [...]
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V Litter

05/18/19 Welcome V litter. Born in the house we are staying at for regionals in Portland, Oregon. When you have a female due to whelp and a competition to go to, what do you do? Take her with you, of [...]
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R Litter

V Ace vom Haus Tyson, IPO3 x SG Mendy z Get-Pet, ZVV1 The R litter has turned out spectacularly. That […]

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H Litter

V Owen van de Zeelberg, IPO3 x V Jara von der Sigisliebe, IPO3, FH2 (3x) Litter Pedigree:

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