• Due Date 23 December 2019

Kalixstus Namornik, IPO2 x Ebby von den Kraften

Y litter, born 12/23/2019. 3 black and tan males. 1 male available.


I am very interested to see how these pups turn out – Ebby and Kal are both intense working dogs but in very different ways, Kal is a real thinker, biddable and bonds strongly to the handler. Ebby is is a very handler tough female with insane prey and ball drive. Both parents have great grip and stable nerves. These pups have potential for great working dogs and active companions. If you scroll down you can click the photos of each parent to check out each of their individual pages for more information. Both dogs have clear hips and elbows and are also clear for DM. This means the pups are automatically clear for DM through parentage.  Please refer to our FAQ pages for more information about leaving deposits or contact me! Text is the preferred method of contact, but you can also call, Facebook message or send an email.


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