SG Zorro von der Mohnwiese, IPO3, FH

Zorro von der Mohnwiese is a super dog in every way. He was my competition dog prior to Simon, so I know him inside and out. He came to me from the Czech Republic thanks to Vit Glisnik and Jana Glisnikova. He was titled to IPO3 and I put several IPO3’s and an FH title on him here in America. He’s been shown in many national and international level events and is a dog unlike any other I have worked before. He is an incredibly goofy, happy dog, but has a super serious side as well. He is biddable and clear-headed, but is not a soft dog and he has a very serious side that only comes out when it’s needed. He is a fancy, high energy dog in obedience, strong in protection and a tracking machine. He has incredibly stable nerves and is a social, friendly dog that’s great with people, kids, puppies, other dogs, etc. Zorro is a great producer who consistently throws pups that are similar to himself – drivey, but not psycho, biddable and clear-headed but not overly soft dogs. He has progeny that have competed in the WUSV and other high competition. They have stable nerves, social temperament and clear heads. These dogs are real thinkers. He is a larger male that weighs approximately 85-90lbs. Available as a stud to outside female.




  • Nickname Zorro
  • Date of Birth Apr 05, 2011
  • Color bi-color
  • Mother SG Hellen vom Harzofen, SchH3(G-BSP), Kkl 1
  • Father V Ängsbackens Rosso, WUSV CHAMPION 2007, SCHH 3, BHP 3, IPO 3, Kkl 1


  • Top 10 - Czech Nationals

  • International Competitor

  • National Competitor

  • Champion - Fall IPO Qualification

  • IPO3

  • FH


  • DM A/N

  • Long Coat Clear

  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows


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