YY Black Male

Offered to a sport/work/highly active companion home with GSD experienced person/family. This little fella is a tenacious pup with a lot of personality. I’d love to see him out doing something fun. Please text to discuss if he might be a good fit for your home: 559-936-1633

This pup’s sire, Trek is an outstanding young male that I am actively working towards titling with hopes of higher competition. He’s by my Cerberus aus dem Tal, IGP3 and out of one of my favorite females, “Bling” Bona aus dem Tal, IPO1. “Nym” Nymeria aus dem Tal is a special dog to me. She combines two great competition dogs of mine, Zorro von der Mohnwiese, IGP3, IPO3, FH and Gina Yucero Bohemia, AD, IPO3. Three out of 4 of these dogs I titled myself from BH on up and one of their parents before them as well. Trek is a very hard, high drive dog like his sire; he’s definitely not a dog for everyone, but he’s not unclear or unstable. In fact, I joke that he (and his sire) are “too stable,” they are unflappable environmentally and give everything 110%, with reckless abandon. He is a very trainable dog that loves to work; extreme ball and food drive and very high possession. He’s a very attractive dog with a large square head, a lot of bone and correct conformation. Nym is the epitome of versatility and one of the purest, kindest dogs I’ve ever had. She’s stable, social and clear; a very thoughtful dog. Nym is truly a dog that could have been a therapy dog/service dog, AND do sports/bite work. She even has herding instinct. She does actually have aggression when needed, but has a high threshold. Incredible mothering instincts, she’ll raise any puppy you give her and is totally safe with other dogs. Nym is a softer dog to the handler, but doesn’t crumble with a correction; she has happy obedience, as well as good food and ball drive. Both dogs have good noses and are very good barking and gripping dogs. I thought this would bring a nice balance to Trek.


Helping with goat chores: