XX Male Puppies

Two XX sable males available, one dark sable and one normal sable. The normal sable one is a reduced price puppy due to having an undescended testicle, he will come with limited registration. The dark sable has both testicles and will come with full guarantee and full registration. I expect these Faust x Orchid puppies to have excellent temperaments with social demeanors, stable nerves and medium to upper-medium drive. I don’t expect much if any in the way of dog aggression. Both parents have high toy and food drive, with good off-switches. They both have plenty of aggression when needed and will protect, but have fairly high thresholds and are safe around strangers, dogs, etc. I think these will be fantastic choices for fun, active family dogs and should have enough drive for protection work/IGP, and lots of different sports. They’ll have dark pigment and be in the mid size of the standard, not huge but not tiny. Both parents are health tested with clear hips and elbows and puppies will all be DM clear through parentage. Feel free to text to discuss if they might be a good fit for your home. 559-936-1633




Puppies out helping with goat chores:


darker sable and black male from the YY litter (available)

normal sable in foreground, dark sable in back


  • Date of Birth Jan 09, 2023




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