V Jara Von Der Sigisliebe, IPO 3, FH 2 (3x), KKL

Jara (pronounced “Yara”) is a fantastic dog. She is on the large size for a female, weighing 77lbs and has V (excellent) rated structure. She has a phenomenal pedigree – her mother was one of the best producing females in the country. Jara is a super social dog who is a tracking machine, earning not one, but THREE FH2 titles, which is the most difficult tracking title you can obtain -and is one of only a few females here who are IPO3 titled and breed surveyed. Jara is a middle of the road sort of gal in drive and hardness. She is not a soft dog by any means, but not an overly hard dog either. She is great with people, kids, male dogs, and some female dogs. She has produced some great puppies for me which have turned out to be both super pets and great working dogs – some are doing protections sports, some are service dogs and some have been trained as detection dogs. Her pups are easy to handle, but have good drive and are great starter dogs, but have gone to more experienced homes and done well also. So far she has great health production as well; all the pups out of her that we have x-rayed have had clean hips and elbows. She has 0/0 hips and elbows herself, is long coat clear and a DM carrier. She is still healthy and fertile at 7 years old and is available to a breeding or retired/pet home.



Please excuse some of the profiles that don’t have a lot of pictures – I am in the process of getting new ones – when Facebook shut down my business page I lost years of pictures, videos, good reviews, etc. Interactive pedigrees are also in the process of being added to each dog (please bear with me, it’s a tedious and time-consuming task).



  • Nickname Jara
  • Date of Birth Mar 26, 2012
  • Color black


  • IPO3

  • FH2 (3x)


  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows

  • DM A/N

  • Long Coat Clear


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