SG Mac von der Kine, SchH3(G-BSP), IPO3, FH2

Mac and Mic vd Kine are somewhat analogous to Troll and Timmy vd Nabarschaft in that both were excellent producers. The strength of these brothers are they are rooted in old strong German dogs as opposed to the newer sporty dogs. Yet, through Vox’s dam, a Troll daughter they could produce very good sport drives. Vox’s is a son of Manto who was a known producer of moderate drives, high fight, and good nerve. Some of this came from his DDR sire Lord v Gleisdreik, but his dam Julia has as grand sires Grief z Lahntal and Drigon v Furhmanshof. Much hardness combined with biddability and drive through Drigon.
Vox’s dam, Kim, is a Troll daughter, again bringing very good drives and nerve.
Mac’s dam is Sally vd Kine, who is daughter of Peron v Hofgut Schick. Peron is a son of Grief v Herkculeisblick, a very very strong old German dog known for producing hardness. Peron’s dam is a daughter of Mink vd Wittfield. This is extremely strong stuff!….Not sporty in drive but awesome in hardness and fight drives.
Sally’s dam, Gina, is a Fero daughter, but more importantly her mother is Vivi Wolfendobel, a female known as awesome producer of working dogs.
So overall, Mac and Mic, depending on the strengths of the females bred to can produce top sport dogs or hard high fight dogs. They have the genetics for both. Many top breeders I have talked to really love the strength of the dam line in using these dogs for stud.


  • Nickname Mac
  • Date of Birth Jul 10, 2003
  • Color sable
  • Mother G Sally von der Kine SCHH3, IPO3, KKL2
  • Father SG Vox von der Kine SCHH3, KKL1


  • SCHH3

  • IPO3

  • FH2


  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows


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