Jake vom Rechtschaffenheit, BH

Jake is a 5 year old sold black male titled to a BH and suitable for a deterrent dog for protection of the family. He has lived in the house with children aged 10 to teenager, a large female dog and a small neutered male. He is crate trained, house-broken and is great when traveling. He rides loose in the car or in a kennel. He will bark at strangers coming up to the house or vehicle until told to stop and has an intimidating look to someone who doesn’t know him which makes him a very effective criminal deterrent. Jake has nice, functional obedience and is a moderately soft dog to the handler, no handler aggression and is not overly hard to handle. He is approximately 80-85lbs. The video below was taken when Jake was being worked consistently, he hasn’t been worked consistently for a few months due to focusing on upcoming young dogs. A short tune-up program can be included with his purchase. Please contact for pricing.



  • Nickname Jake
  • Date of Birth Feb 04, 2014
  • Color black






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