Asllan Jandera-Slovakia, IGP1

I’ve written this and deleted it several times, and it is pretty agonizing for me but here it is… I’m putting some feelers out for the most perfect home for Asllan. He is a very special dog to me. We went from BH to IGP3 together; he is the best dog in obedience I’ve ever had and definitely top 3 in protection. He took me to nationals after months off due to my knee and only a month to prepare. He could be tuned back up to go back to the field and would be a fun dog for someone wanting to get in to the sport, a personal protection dog or active companion. He just turned 8 about 3 weeks ago; he is very healthy and in very good condition. He is social and stable, not an over the top dog in energy. Honestly he has one of the coolest temperaments of any dog I’ve ever known. This is a very hard decision, but it’s one made for his best interest; I want to see him being interacted with more and I am simply wearing too many hats right now and I can’t do everything. Please private message me for more details.



  • Nickname Asllan
  • Date of Birth Apr 10, 2015
  • Color sable


  • BH


  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows


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